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About Us

The unique value of Staherb to customer


A reliable long-term partner

1. Products:

Products of Staherb covers around 600 natural botanical monomers and high-purity plants extract. Our company can provide one-stop shopping service so that to save your time and reduce your R&D costs. Furthermore, we can provide products customization and R&D outsourcing services. All we do is for meeting customers’ needs!

2. Natural Materials

Products of Staherb are naturally extracted. A majority of extract materials are either from wild botanical resources growing in good natural environments such as West Hunan and so on, or from materials planting bases under the guidance of GAP standard. With good quality in the material sources, you can be free to use our products. (We will make specification in the products introduction if modifications occur to the plants’ active ingredient.)

3. Individualized Needs

In order to meet the demands of your production and R&D, we can provide products on scales ranging from milligram to kilogram, or even to ton. Moreover, different standards can be provided in accordance with your demands so that to meet the continual needs in reference chemical substances necessary for R&D, pilot and production as well as natural products and materials necessary for pharmacology trials.

4. Technology Supports

In order to save time of production, trial and detection and reduce costs, we can provide detection methods, finger printing, trial documents, thesis and patents searching service and technology consulting service according to customer’s needs.

5. Steady Operation

Both Staherb’s products and solutions have offered services to many pharmaceutical companies, universities, R&D and testing organizations for numerous times. Staherb dedicates to plant extracts thus to focus on R&D and reduce the corresponding costs. Adhering to the principle of ‘Deep Beach Gardens, For Low-weir’, we will create sustained values for customers. Staherb’s Steady operation is conducive to establish long-term partnership with customers, thereupon to create sustained value for them.

Continual Innovation Based on Customer’s Needs

1. Products customization and outsourcing service

Services we can offer include high-purity natural botanical monomers, structural modification, custom development as well as production outsourcing. And we will perform our R&D and production under the promotion of customers’ demands.

2. Open Cooperation: Today is a fast-changing time of Science and technology, and specialization and cooperation, co-winning of mutual benefits and common development have been the irresistible general trends. Staherb will make further open cooperation to establish more steady partnership with customers, institutes and individuals, as well as construct a safe development model which is forward-looking, reciprocal and collaborative. We will create more values for customers via division and cooperation and complementation, thus to achieve the rapid conversion from product benefits to customer’s competitive advantages in commerce and R&D.

Excellent Customer Oriented Services

1. 24-hour dimensional sales service: we offer 24-hour service for each day of a week.

2. Absorption and profession: Staherb’s sellers and after-sale service personals are professionals in Botanical Chemistry so that to ensure that your demands can be meet to a considerable extent.

3. Rapid Response: Having had good cooperation with both domestic and international couriers, Staherb can make a rapid response to customers’ requirements. So you can make an order and get the products at the same day.


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